Chanel Earrings

Coco Chanel took accessorizing to the next level with her overstated pieces of jewelry, creating timeless looks that feature chunky detailing and bold logos. Drawing inspiration from costume jewelry crafted in bright metallics and oversized jewels, Chanel's pieces can't help but make a statement. Chanel earrings are no exception and are the perfect eye-catching accompaniment to any outfit.


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More about Chanel Earrings

Classic Chanel stud earrings feature the CC logo and are crafted from high quality rhinestones and precious metal. Despite the popularity of the rhinestone and logo combination, many interpretations of this iconic design exist in materials and textures ranging from inlaid sterling silver to braided designs with gold plating. Keep an eye out for pairs of CC earrings featuring a feminine pearl or rhinestone drop, or go for a unique, whimsical effect with dangly vintage Chanel earrings that sport the designer's lucky number 5 accompanied by a four-leaf clover. Chanel pearl earrings are never a bad choice and allude to the designer's personal affinity for the elegant stone and her famous layered pearl necklaces that will forever be associated with her unforgettable style.

If you are after a polished aesthetic, pair a CC logo earring in a textured gold finish with your favorite Chanel bag to create a subtle matching affect that exudes luxury but avoids a gaudy feel. Since many Chanel earrings feature clip-on closures (especially the vintage pieces), you can also go all out with oversized chunky pearl and gold braid combo earrings that provide the pièce de résistance for a simple yet chic outfit.