Louis Vuitton Necklaces

While Louis Vuitton may top your list of must-have designers when it comes to handbags and leather goods, don't forget to keep their jewelry lines in your sights when looking for your new coup de coeur. The LV necklace is a hot item and makes a stunning addition to any high fashion collection. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Necklaces

Of course, the quintessential Louis Vuitton necklace is the Louis Vuitton lock and key necklace, a staple of the brand's jewelry repertoire that replicates the signature lock used by the designer on their trunks as early as the 19th century. The miniature versions of this specialized lock that we see in the LV lock necklace are highly popular items among the designer's jewelry collections and are recognized internationally as a symbol of LV. The Louis Vuitton lock necklace has even been released as a special edition item in order to raise funds for UNICEF in 2017 - even more reason to love this piece! 

With a number of celebrity devotees, the LV necklace has earned its place in the high fashion hall of fame and won't disappoint as the centerpiece of your luxury jewelry collection. A vintage gold-plated Louis Vuitton lock necklace is a fantastic way to help you reach the next level of sartorial savvy. Slip this delicate piece around your neck and get ready to have all eyes on you. Impeccable when worn alone with a deep V neck blouse and fitted blazer, every Louis Vuitton necklace looks equally fabulous when stacked with a variety of individual metallic chains. French-girl chic has never been so easy!